Backcountry Readiness Assessment

Your Path to Peak Hunting Fitness

Many hunting fitness programs simply hand out workout routines, leaving you to navigate the journey without proper guidance. At Human Predator Packmule, we believe in a different approach – one that's tailored, guided, and designed to elevate your performance in the field.

Introducing the Backcountry Readiness Assessment

Our journey begins with the Backcountry Readiness Assessment, a comprehensive testing series finely tuned to identify your unique fitness strengths and needs. No more guesswork – we tailor your program to suit you perfectly.

What We Assess:

  • Movement Capacity: Ensure your joints are primed for the challenges of the wild. We address deficits and align strength exercises with your body's requirements.

  • Strength Evaluation: We measure relative strength, a foundation for health, longevity, and peak performance. Stronger strides lead to greater resilience, minimizing the impact of every step.

  • Conditioning Check: Our 12-minute step-up test gauges your mountain-ready work capacity and aerobic conditioning, vital for tackling demanding terrains.

  • Efficient Rucking: As hiking under load is integral, we assess your efficiency to optimize your rucking abilities.

Backcountry Readiness Assessment is designed to help hunters get the perfect fitness program for them.

A Personalized Path

Armed with the Backcountry Readiness Assessment data, we shape your training regimen to encompass the right exercises, types of training, and ideal volumes for you.

Seasonal Progression:

  • Winter to Early Spring: Build Work Capacity

  • Spring: Maximize Strength and Aerobic Function

  • Summer: Ready for Hunting Season

  • Hunting Season: Maintain Abilities While in the Field

Whether you start in winter or summer, your program's path aligns with your upcoming hunts and long-term vitality. Age is no limit – we ensure you'll hunt with vigor, even as your hair turns gray and grandkids gather 'round.

The Backcountry Readiness Assessment is only provided for the Backcountry Ready program and the Fully Guided program.

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