Frequently Asked Questions

“Alright, I’ll be the one. You mentioned ‘willingness to invest in yourself.’ So, how much is HPPM training going to cost me?”

First things first, if you’re shopping solely on price, we aren’t for you. There are plenty of cheaper options in the hunting fitness space. 

But if you’re shopping for results, and you’re ready to do the work, WE are THE option. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our testimonials.

The reality is, people that pay, pay attention.


Fully Guided programming runs you $75/week.

Backcountry Ready, our flagship program, runs you $50/week.

DIY, our programming only option, runs you $12.50/week.

“Am I locked into a contract with HPPM? Is there an initiation fee?”

There’s no initiation fee and we don’t do contracts.

Call us crazy, but if you don’t want to work with us anymore, we don’t want to work with you either.

And we certainly don’t want to waste time and money taking you to collections.

So, we operate on handshake agreements.

To get the best results, we recommend training with us for at least a year (and most members have trained with us for at least 2 years). But if you decide to bail sooner, deuces!

“Does HPPM offer any discounts?”

Yes! We offer a 10% discount for paying in full for a training block or a full training year.

“I’ve been training with another, VERY POPULAR hunting fitness program and I plateaued or got hurt. Why? What gives?”

Well, they’re marketing mostly high-intensity workouts because you need them to be “tough” in the mountains. They say it’s the SECRET to hunting performance.

The reality? While high-intensity workouts are part of a well-rounded training plan, they’re a very small part of a well-rounded training plan. And what they’re not telling you is that it leads to quick results (great!), but you’ll plateau quickly (oh no!).

Why the plateau? Because the adaptations from these HIIT workouts are both short-lived AND limited in terms of how far they can take you. Further, training with high heart rates all of the time can actually kill off the more long-term aerobic adaptations (the ones that promote using your body’s stored fat as a fuel source), minimize strength and power (because you’re too fatigued during training to stimulate your nervous system and create enough force), and ultimately you get to a point where you won’t have enough of a stimulus to induce meaningful adaptations in any system.

Enter the plateau, the eventual backslide, and the entrance into the injury cycle.

If you’re shaking your head going, “That’s me!”, don’t stress… check out the “Why Human Predator Packmule Training Works” section above.

“How long does each workout take?”

It varies. You’ll be able to do most workouts in under an hour. But there are some that we recommend training for 90 minutes or more to get used to expending energy all day long in order to simulate being in the field.

“Do I need any specialized equipment?”

You need a chest strap heart rate monitor. We recommend the Morpheus system because it assesses your recovery and gives you training zones for each training day, along with monitoring your heart rate during workouts.

You also need a pack for rucking, but you probably already have that.

Apart from that, we have minimal equipment training options and options for those with a gym membership or well-stocked home gym.

“Is HPPM training like CrossFit?”

No. And yes.

High level CrossFit Games athletes don’t even do CrossFit classes. They get assessed and then plan their training with said data. We do too.

So, if you like CrossFit, you’ll love HPPM… but it’s different.

They do random workouts, where we follow a science-backed annual plan that’s broken into four training blocks and testing weeks per year. And the data from those testing weeks drives our decisions as to how we’ll approach your next training block.

They train with high intensity every day, where we use the science of the neural-metabolic continuum to intelligently spread training stressors across the week so you can gain maximum benefit (results) and feel great to boot.

They’re a one-size-fits all program, where we provide a custom-tailored path for YOU.

They utilize some suspect exercise prescriptions that, frankly, should never be utilized under high levels of fatigue, where we provide exercise prescriptions that put you in the best position to be successful, always.

So no, this isn’t like CrossFit, but it’s for people who would like CrossFit, but know better. 😉

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