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How Should Hunters Warm-up for Strength Training?

October 03, 20231 min read

Does this sound familiar?

You jumped into a strength training session without an adequate warm up. Then during the session you dinged up your shoulder or felt a strain in your back. Maybe your hip started acting up.

How'd I do?

Well, you're not alone. It's happened to most hunters that lift. Hell, it's happened to most people that lift. But the thing is, it ain't gotta happen. An adequate warm-up helps you avoid those dings and strains while also improving your performance during your workout.

The warm-up needs to do three things for you:

  1. Increase your active joint range of motion

  2. Excite your nervous system

  3. Increase your body heat

Increasing active joint range of motion helps you get into better, stronger, and safer positions while you lift.

Exciting your nervous system increases access to strength. Your nervous system must be primed for output for you to get the most out of it.

And increasing your body heat activates the enzymes that help you use energy. That's a very good thing.

So, now you need a warm-up that does all that for you. Well, I have that for you.

Check out the video below. It walks you through the entire warm-up we use as part of every Backcountry Ready training session.

Feel free to use it. But, please, at the very least, use the principles to create your own strength training warm up.

Here's that video:

Do this warm-up before every training session.

You'll be surprised how quickly you feel better and how much your training improves.

Speaking of training. Have you checked out Backcountry Ready yet?

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Todd Bumgardner

Todd Bumgardner, the renowned strength and conditioning coach specializing in fitness tailored for hunters, has an exceptional background rooted in Central Pennsylvania's hunting culture and sports. Having honed his skills through both hunting and collegiate football, Todd pursued his passion by obtaining a master's degree in Exercise Science. With an impressive 17-year tenure as a dedicated strength and conditioning coach, he has catered to a diverse clientele ranging from aspiring young athletes to seasoned NFL veterans. Aside from his pivotal role at HPPM, Todd is a proud co-owner of Beyond Strength, a prominent training gym nestled in Northern Virginia. Notably, he also serves as a human performance coach for a prestigious tier 1 unit. His adventurous spirit extends beyond fitness, as he traverses North America in pursuit of hunting endeavors. Todd Bumgardner truly embodies a harmonious blend of expertise, experience, and a deep-seated passion for optimizing the physical prowess of hunters.

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